Gain Likes and Comments To Increase Your Audience Engagement

If there’s one thing on social media that makes people happy, it’s gaining more likes and more followers.

Celebrities, brands, photographers, and even politicians have improved their social media stats by buying followers and likes. Some people may question whether buying Instagram followers is ethical or not. The good news is: buying Instagram followers is absolutely ethical. You can get real, active followers on Instagram and the huge bulk of them then helps your posts and profile get famous on the social site.

However, you should not only pay attention to the quantity of followers, but also the amount of likes and comments.

Why You Need to Focus on Likes as Much as Followers
If you ignore your likes (as many inexperienced Instagram users do), it will make your efforts much less effective. That’s because when you buy Instagram followers, it will make your popularity look great from the outside. But once someone starts to explore your content, it becomes obvious that the following is not real.

If someone sees your account with 150K followers, and then sees that each of your posts only gets a few likes, it will be obvious that your audience is not engaged. Your audience is not high quality and people won’t want to follow you because they will (rightly) assume that you purchased all of your followers and your popularity is fake. Now, if someone visits the same account with 150K followers, glances at all of your posts, and sees that there are 8,000 to 20,000 likes per post, they are not going to second guess anything. They will believe that it is a popular account and are more likely to follow you. You can quickly attract real followers and build up a loyal following simply by being smart about buying both Instagram followers and likes.

Recently, Instagram has started conducting purges to delete all the fake accounts and followers’ markups. It has also started deactivating all the bots. Technically, Instagram can delete any account that was followed by bots as well, but we haven’t heard of such cases yet.

increase instagram audience engagement
The Ideal Instagram “Followers-To-Likes” Ratio
It is best to have a minimum “followers-to-likes” ratio of 10:1. So if you have 10,000 followers, you should aim for around 1,000 likes per post. However, sending an exact number to each post does not look natural. For example, if you post three new images, you might want the likes to be something like 785, 1,324, and 912. Those are believable numbers for 10,000 followers and it looks completely natural.

If you send exactly 1,000 likes to each post, the number will look fake and it will have a negative impact on your account growth. The key to successful Instagram marketing with purchased followers and likes is to always look real and natural. The minute you look fake, it will do harm to your account.



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  2. Shawn

    My question about purchasing the followers and likes combo. I’m a little unclear on the likes portion of the package. For example if I purchase 300 likes, are they banked until I start posting new content and evenly distributed until they are done or will they apply to what’s currently on my page?

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