What’s the difference between real active followers and bots?

Massive fake followers and bots are a growing issue on Instagram. As Instagram becomes more and more popular in daily life, advertisers, marketers, even celebrities are enthusiastic about boosting followers.

Instagram algorithms aim at removing bots as well as punish accounts filled with fake followers, which is why people are becoming more attuned to the troublesome problem of fake followers and bots on Instagram.

real instagram fans vs. bots

Fake Followers and Spam Bots
Firstly, check the user profile when assessing the quality of purchased follower accounts. When it comes to the account name, some of the fake accounts will have random characters rather than real, meaningful names. The bios of these fake accounts will most likely be spam links instead of descriptions. Most of them do not even have profile pictures,  just random images clone from the internet, without any relevance to the account.

Keep an eye on retention rate of followers is another essential thing. You will find that bot accounts tend to drop off quickly in a few days, and finally they all disappeared from your followers’ list. Instagram’s Terms of Service prohibit the operation of bots accounts. As such, their algorithms are on the hunt to find fake accounts and kick them off the platform. If they identify the fake accounts you’ve purchased to follow your account, they’re going to take them down. When these fake followers end up being deleted, you will be left with nothing but damage to your account.

Not only are bots followers a waste of money, but also a risk to your account. A bot is an automated system that users can sign up for which accesses your Instagram profile. Then, most of bots begin to store the data, such as picture, description, posts from the real Instagram account. According to the information, they can clone a new account as yours easily. Individual privacy is now more important than ever after facebook privacy scandals, so keep your account safe from fake followers.

more instagram followers and likes
Real Active Followers
So, what about real active users from Instagram? In contrast, they have authentic profiles. The account names are real and meaningful. These followers have profile pictures that are relevant to the account name, not just some random image. Their biographies are nature and describe what the account is about. These sorts of high-quality follower accounts are not easily recognizable as fakers.

Real active followers also have high retention rates. Once bought, you can feel confident that they’ll stick around because they aren’t easily detected by the Instagram’s algorithms.

Buying real active followers offer you a good return on investment. They will provide meaningful audience engagement on your account, like or comment on your posts, even become your potential customers. What’s more, they deliver social authority to your profile, which in turn, increases your rate of organic growth when potential fans visiting your account see how popular you are, and become more likely to follow you.



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