How to gain more followers on Instagram

If you are just starting on Instagram, growing your followers take time and energy. Here’s what you can do to grow your followers base:

1.Optimize your profile

Make sure your username is recognizable so that people can find and follow you. Complete your profile–it’s important in the decision they made to follow you, and you’ll introduce who you are and what you do. You can also add clickable profile links to your other pages that fit with your branding.

2.Start posting and have a consistent style

It’s a good idea to populate your feed with 10-15 high-quality posts before you start engaging people. And more importantly, you should plan for your whole content and make sure they have a consistent stlye. Why? It’s not the content you’ve post but what they think your future content will be that hook them to follow you. It’s about creating an expectation for your account that your potential followers can count on. They would like to see more of the same type of content in the following days.

3.Follow accounts that relate to yours and follow people who like these accounts

When you follow or interact with other similar accounts, this will ensure you stay on the radars of others. Besides, follow the followers of these accounts. Quite a percentage should return the favor and follow you back as long as your content is relevant and catches their eyes.

4.Interact with your followings and followers

After you follow an account, interact with their content and draw their attention to your own account. Once they like or comment your content,  appreciate it by responding to their comments. You should also identify all the valuable comments and respond to them. Spend a few minutes engaging with your followers will help promote your page.

5.Use hashtag and participate in popular discussions

For each post, use a mix of relevant hashtags. They are like long-tail keywords, helping you find the right people you want. You’ll increase your likelihood of being found by a relevant audience.

You can also add all the hashtags you want in the first comment of the post to increase visibility. As your page engagement grows, no one will see the first comment.

6. Work with influencers and other brands

Getting an influencer shoutout is also an effective way to increase your followers. An influencer with a loyal following will help you to expand exposure so is the case with brand partnership. With other brands reposting your photos that credit you, you will get new followers from their audience.



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